Why Re-Using Passwords is Not a Good Idea

Are you a “Password Re-user”? Do you use the same passwords for multiple websites?

Think of your password as a key. When you re-use passwords for multiple websites, you are essentially only using 1 key for multiple areas of your online life.

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Financial Security Tips for Seniors

More often senior citizens are the target of financial abuse. A recent study by the American Associate of the Retired Persons (AARP) shows that people age 50 and older are easy targets for financial abuse because they expect honesty in the marketplace and are less likely to take action if they become victims of fraud. Read more



5 Ways to Build up Your Emergency Fund

In life emergencies happen. Sometimes we are prepared and sometimes we aren’t. When it comes to potential financial emergencies, we can be prepared. Starting and building an emergency fund is a great way to be prepared and also helps give you more security and peace of mind.

Listed below are 5 ways you can build up your emergency fund:

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5 Tech Security Tips Everyone Should Know

Life Hacker recently posted a list of the Top 10 Tech Security Basics that Everyone Should Know. Listed below are the top 5: Read more



What Does the Privacy Policy Really Say?

Privacy policies – most if not all reputable websites have them.  Privacy policies are helpful in telling website visitors about which information is being collected and tracked.  However, typical privacy policies are long and full of legal jargon that can be overwhelming and dare I say boring to the average website user.  Let’s face it, most people don’t ever read them. Read more



Top 20 Pin Numbers You Shouldn’t Use

Recently, we posted the top 10 usernames and passwords you shouldn’t use , because they were both easy to guess and common, which increases your chance to get hacked.  Did you know that the same principal applies to pin numbers as well?  Listed below are the top 20 most common pin numbers: Read more



Top 10 Usernames and Passwords You Shouldn’t Use

Is your computer safe?  Did you know that hackers can brute force their way remotely, into your computer?  Listed below are the top 10 usernames and passwords to avoid using: Read more



9 Ways to Make your Home Safer

Looking for helpful tips on how to make your home safer?  A recent article on MentalFloss.com discusses the 9 ways you can make your home safer. Read more



Top 5 Information Security Issues to Dominate in 2016

Cybercriminals are becoming more savvy.  As a result, security professionals must become more savvy as well, and find better – more efficient ways to circumvent threats.

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Could You Pass this Simple Financial Quiz?

Interestingly enough, when given this simple 3-question financial quiz, most Americans didn’t pass.  Time online magazine’s Money section posted this:

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4 Credit Card Myths Everyone Should Know

Having a good credit score is important to your financial health.  It enables you to get more credit, receive better interest rates on loans and credit cards and increases your purchasing power.  However, there are some common credit card myths floating around that contrary to the belief, can actually hurt your credit score.

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The 25 Most Overused Passwords for 2015

It’s 2016.  The internet is no longer in infancy but now floating in a comfortable age of maturity.  Big data is here to stay and security is the name of the game. Though it is 2016 and the internet is not “new”, people still forget that an easy password to remember is also a password that can easily be figured out with modern brute force hacking techniques.  After all, criminals only get smarter, right?  Which, is why we should be smarter too and use more complex passwords or at the very least, passphrases.

The following passwords, made the top 5 of the “25 Worst and Most Overused Passwords” List:

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