Update your Antivirus and Software to Protect Your PC

The complexity of computer viruses and malware is increasing every day. Modern exploits simultaneously target multiple vulnerabilities in various technology layers; operating system, web browser, browser add-ons, multimedia extensions and more. Common targets such as Adobe Flash and Oracle’s Java are ripe for exploitation for malicious intent. Stop ignoring those notices that a Java, Flash, Web Browser, Antivirus, or Windows Update is available, and update today. Updates frequently contain patches that close security holes that make your PC susceptible to attack. The most widespread modern computer viruses are spread by what appears to be people you trust, via email, and compromised websites; including friends accounts on popular social networks. Viruses leverage security flaws so effectively that often no user interaction is required. Antivirus software alerts are often the only way you’ll even have a clue your computer security has been compromised. Don’t be a victim, do your computer security a favor and perform your software updates today!