The Best and Worst of PIN Numbers

Here’s an interesting article from back in September about PIN Numbers.  Using a database of exposed passwords as a proxy for PIN Numbers, the researcher does some statistical analysis on the most common and least common PIN Numbers.

Statistically, with 10,000 possible combinations, if passwords were uniformly randomly distributed, we would expect the top twenty passwords to account for just 0.2% of the total, not the 26.83% actually encountered in the database.

The article is filled with many interesting tidbits of number data:  The most popular PIN code of  1234  is more popular than the lowest 4,200 codes combined!

Read the article and find out what the most popular and least popular PIN Numbers are.  Note, that now that the least popular PINs have been published, bad guys will probably add these to their lists to just give them a try.

Remember to always pick good PIN Numbers for your ATM Cards.