Top 5 Information Security Issues to Dominate in 2016

Cybercriminals are becoming more savvy.  As a result, security professionals must become more savvy as well, and find better – more efficient ways to circumvent threats.

  1.  The Unintended Consequences of State Intervention – Governmental interference means potential decryption of certain pieces of information and creating back door access to systems.
  2. Big data will lead to big problems – Organizations sharing data resources with the assumption that the data is accurate.  Data is not always properly vetted.
  3. Mobile applications and the IoT – Increased use of smart phones and other portable devices means there will be an increase of targeted attacks on these devices.
  4. Cybercrime causes the perfect threat storm – Cybercrime will only become more sophisticated and frequent.
  5. Skills gap becomes an abyss for information security – There will be an increased need for good Information Security professionals.

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