Why Re-Using Passwords is Not a Good Idea

Are you a “Password Re-user”? Do you use the same passwords for multiple websites?

Think of your password as a key. When you re-use passwords for multiple websites, you are essentially only using 1 key for multiple areas of your online life.

Not to mention, while some sites have a high level of security, some don’t. So, if your password becomes compromised on a site with weak security, now the hacker has the correct credentials to access your account on a website with stronger security (i.e. your financial accounts).

Did you know that in May, LinkedIn was compromised and more than 177 million LinkedIn passwords were leaked?  Two weeks ago, three more sites were compromised: MySpace, Tumblr, and Fling. That brings the total to 642 million user accounts that have been compromised in what is being referred to as a mega-breach.

If you have accounts at any of these sites and use the same log-in credentials for multiple sites, you could become a victim of a hacking attempt. In fact, you may have even received notifications from Facebook, Netflix and other companies that urge you to change your password or as a security courtesy have already changed your password for you.

Cyber criminals only become more ruthless in their determination to steal private data and sell to the highest bidder. While it may not be easy to remember multiple passwords on the fly, there are many tools and programs out there to help with the storage and retrieval of multiple passwords. It is definitely worth your while to look into.

The collection of big data is here to stay and you need to protect yourself. Don’t be a “Password Re-user”. Be password savvy.