3 Useful Digital Security Tips

Use a Password Manager

By now you know that using the same password for every website you frequent is a security faux-pas. The easy part of the equation is coming up with new passwords. The hard part is remembering the all the different passwords!

Using a password manager serves two purposes:

1)  You can store all of the different passwords you have in a secure manner.

2) Using a password manager to store all of your passwords, allows you to create more complex passwords and passphrases with the knowledge that you don’t necessarily have to remember them.

Keep your Phone Up to Date

To protect your phone from being compromised, make sure to run app updates on the regular. Install security patches and software upgrades to your phone when they are available.

Follow the Digital Defense Basics

  • Always back up your data regularly, in case of a disaster
  • Enable multi-factor authentication where available
  • Close accounts you don’t use. This includes social media accounts.