Never Give Away Historical Information

Never give away historical information online

Social media websites such as Facebook are flooding with little surveys and quizzes that ask various questions. In return, you’re promised a desired result based on your answers. For the most part these seemingly innocuous quizzes are harmless. However, there are certain questions you must be wary of. You should never give away historical information about yourself.

If you see questions asking for things like “the make and model of your first vehicle” or “where were you born” etc. you should never give these answers away.

It’s very possible that these questions are phishing attempts created by a hacker to harvest your login credentials.

When a user signs up for Facebook or other social media websites they are typically opted to setup “password recovery” security questions.
A hacker has the ability to post a link on social media; disguising their true intentions in a “fun” looking quiz or survey.

Once you answer these questions the hacker has a better opportunity at guessing your security questions, allowing them to change your password and take over your account.

It may be obvious to some, but personal information online is best kept to that user.
Be cautious, and make sure that you aren’t giving away anything that could be of benefit to a potential hacker.