Have your passwords been leaked?

Chrome Extension Browser Hack

Passwords and personal information are getting leaked on the internet more and more.
We’re constantly asked to create new passwords with different requirements, which makes it difficult
to keep up with all of the credentials.

But how do we even know if the passwords we are creating are good ones? And is there anyway to tell if my password has been hacked?

The good news, is yes. You can actually see if the password that you enter for a login,
has been compromised or leaked online, by installing a chrome extention called passprotect at the google chrome store.

This Extension uses data from a popular site called Have I Been Pwnd, which I highly recommend checking out. From here, you can see if any of the passwords you are using have been found in any data breach. If you do see that it’s been compromised, go ahead and change it.

As for remembering all of your passwords, and making sure that you use “safe” passwords. You should use a tool such as Password Safe, or 1Password. With these programs you only have to remember a password once and you can then login to get all of your other passwords, as well as generate new ones.