WordPress Tips To Ensure Website Security

2-Factor Login

With the rise in cyber attacks, it’s important to safeguard your WordPress website from different types of online dangers.

According to a recent research finding, 70% of online websites are vulnerable to online attacks. Most of that large percentage comes from user errors and not following security precautions. Another 8% of those attacks come from weak passwords.

Follow these rules to help protect your WordPress website.


  • Activate a security tool such as WordFence.
    Security plugins such as audit log or WordFence are great tools to help ensure website security. This tool is great for tracking user logins via IP Address, leaving a trail for changes on the site, and preventing brute force password attacks.


  • Set up 2-factor authentication.
    Another good tool to put on a website to prevent unauthorized login attempts is 2-factor authentication. This way you can have a code sent to your email or phone number before logging in.


  • Rename your Login URL.
    By renaming or redirecting your login URL you will weed out a ton of hackers who are looking for the typical wp-admin login URL.


  • Change your passwords often.
    Always stay focused on using a strong password with a variation of numbers symbols and uppercase and lowercase values.


  • Use SSL
    By using SSL you are making sure that any sensitive information send out from your website to another server is encrypted. Making it much more difficult for hackers to hi-jack your information.