Run Your Updates!

Do you find yourself repeatedly clicking “Remind Me Later” on your PC or phone when an update box pops up on your screen? You shouldn’t – and here’s why:

Security Reasons – Software updates can often contain security patches. Hackers are always looking for new ways to break into technology and even the most secure software needs to be updated from time to time as new methods to intrude on your data surfaces. Without these updates, you are potentially leaving yourself vulnerable to an attack, and likely it will be a bigger chore for you to have that resolved then to wait a few minutes for the new update to be patched into your device.

Efficiency – Occasionally a software update could be implemented to reduce lag time or storage usage. Changes in how the software is structured could streamline its processes and help you save space or load your apps more quickly.

New Stuff! – Updates can come with new features – features intended for you to enjoy! You could be missing out on aspects of your software that you wanted or needed.