Why You Should Be Using A Password Safe

We all know by now that it’s bad to use weak passwords like “password” or your birthday or “123456” but what a lot of people don’t know is that it’s just as bad, maybe worse’ to use the same password for every login. Even if you’re using a strong password; lets say one of the websites you stored your password on has limited protection and gets breached. The hacker now has access to all of your other accounts on popular websites.

But how is it possible to remember all of your passwords if you have a different one on every site? The answer is a password manager or online password safe. These applications can even pick out strong passwords for you. All you need to do is make one very strong password and remember it. You can then store all of your new passwords within the safe and retrieve them when you need them.

There are some pretty good password managers out there (1password) that make it very easy and mostly automated. Google chrome even has a built-in extension that takes care of this for you. Every time you land on a website with a registration form, you can seamlessly store a new password. Your browser then saves the password for you and when you login to the page again, it grabs the password from the safe and you’re able to login.