It’s Tax Season – Watch out for these Scams

It’s that fun time of the year where we all do our taxes.  Oh joyful days!

Unfortunately, the bad guys also know that we are all doing our taxes and dreading it.  Such a huge audience is a prime target for hackers and fraudsters.  Here’s a Washington Post article about the top scams around tax season.

  1. The IRS will not call out randomly about a tax debt you owe.  You’ll get it in writing (probably several times.)
  2. Watch out for mysterious refunds.  This is a twist on an old scam where the bad guys call you claiming the refund was in error.
  3. Social Security Number suspensions.  The government will not call you about your SSN being suspended and you need to reactivate it.  Its not a thing.
  4. Unethical Tax Return Preparers.  Your tax preparer must have a Preparer’s Tax Identification Number and must include it when filing your returns.  Choose a reputable preparer.

Read the whole article with more details at the Washington Post.