Knowing Malware – Part 2

Although the main offenders of malware have been described in Knowing Malware – Part 1, there are several other types of unwanted software that can end up on your computer.

Spyware is stated by Webroot as a broad category of malware used for the purpose of secretly gathering data on an unsuspecting user1. Spyware typically targets login credentials and personal information to be used by the hacker or sold off to a third party company that can utilize your info, such as emails and addresses.

Adware is a category of software applications that displays advertisements on computers or changes search results in browsers to earn money for their creators from user clicks2. Though not always malicious, adware can slow down the users computer with frustrating popups and advertisements.

Ransomware can be explained just by the name. The person who infects the users computer will lock files and hold them ransom. The user then either pays to have them unlocked (with cryptocurrency, typically), but there is no guarantee the infector will release the files. Ransomware has been on the rise over the past few years, and is typically aimed at large businesses.

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