Rember those scary warnings about using charging ports in airports and hotels? News now say they’re mostly nonsense

Your probably saw in the news a couple of weeks ago warning you about using USB charging ports in public areas like airports and hotels.  Many news agencies reported on this threat and called it “juice-jacking.”  The FCC issued a warning.

After all the hoopla in the mainstream news, tech related news agencies are now reporting this was blown out of proportion.  For example, Ars Technica states:

“Contrary to the government communications, the vast majority of cybersecurity experts do not warn that juice jacking is a threat unless you’re a target of nation-state hackers. There are no documented cases of juice jacking ever taking place in the wild. Left out of the advisories is that modern iPhones and Android devices require users to click through an explicit warning before they can exchange files with a device connected by standard cables.”

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